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Bitcoin? What is it? Bitcoin is just one of many crypto currency available today.

WHY invest in Bitcoin? bitcoin


This is important to me and should be for you too, so please read on...

  • "Public keys" - these are used to allow you to accept funds and you can share your public key with anyone; this allows others to pay you, but they can NOT withdraw/transfer your bitcoin using your public key.

  • "Private keys" - ensure your private key is never seen on The Internet until you are ready to spend your bitcoin. Take care as malware on your computer could find and use your private key to transfer away your bitcoin! Once used never use again and transfer out all your bitcoin, read more on understanding paper wallets

  • Printing of wallets: ensure they are printed on a computer which is NOT connected to The Internet (air-gapped), which means the private key has never seen The Internet. Please be wary of anyone selling you paper wallets which have been printed on a computer connected to The Internet, your investment WILL be compromised.

  • Storing bitcoin on exchanges is not recommended (at least not large amounts). It is better and safer to transfer the bitcoin out to a paper wallet.

  • When buying, investing, large amounts in bitcoin (>£1000) it is better and safer to use a well known exchange such as Bitstamp or MtGox - these main exchanges are more costly to use from the UK (transfer fees, etc) and will take at least a week to setup a new account. Do not be tempted to use one of the smaller exchanges without FULLY checking them out. There are many new exchanges offering too much to be true - TAKE CARE!

  • If you are looking to buy small amounts (<£1000) for UK pounds let me know - I can send bitcoin to your existing wallet, or create a secure paper wallet for you and send that to you. I sell on ebay and you can check my listings here.


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