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phpMysqlAutoBackup – the easy way to backup your MySQL data

phpMySQLAutoBackup automates the backup of MySQL databases.

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open source, released under GPL License (its “donate-ware” as someone rightly stated)

Technical details:
Date: 30th Nov 2019
Size: 32 Kbytes
Host requirements:
Operating System:

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NEW Options - FTP backup file to remote server, email separate report, and easily exclude specified tables from the complete backup.

phpMySQLAutoBackup automates the backup of MySQL databases (you will need PHP hosting to use it).  The PHP scripts export your database (data and structures), compresses it into gzip format and emails it to you.  It can be run from a secure link via https (SSL).  Schedule it to run every day/week by adding it to a cron job, or use the excellent phpJobScheduler

New features include reporting, sample below:

REPORT on recent backup using phpMySQLAutoBackup (mysql_DB-NAME_01_Feb_2011_time_11_36_43.sql.gz)

- no backup is attached
the email with the backup attached has been sent to: [email protected]–.com

the backup zip file has been transferred via ftp to:
(yourusername) – folder: /your-remote-folder/

the backup zip file has been saved to the same server:

BACKUP Type: Full database backup (all tables included)

Below are the records of the last 6 backups.
DATE and TIME (total bytes, Total lines exported)
01 Feb 2011 – 11:15:55 (10464.85 KB, 4,299 lines)
01 Feb 2011 – 11:15:49 (10463.78 KB, 4,298 lines)
01 Feb 2011 – 11:15:39 (10462.71 KB, 4,297 lines)
01 Feb 2011 – 11:15:28 (10461.64 KB, 4,296 lines)
01 Feb 2011 – 11:10:46 (10460.57 KB, 4,295 lines)
01 Feb 2011 – 11:04:41 (10457.12 KB, 4,294 lines)

This report, which is emailed to you each time a backup is run (can be switched off), allows you to compare within seconds the total lines exported and the size of the backups for the last 6 backups. Also, now includes a notice when a new version is available, and shows any errors if they occured during the backup.

It also has the ability for you to select separate tables for backup, and limit the backup to start and stop at pre-set table row numbers, this will now allow a section of a large table (with millions of records) to be selected for backup. Read more here for details on how to import and export LARGE MySQL databases.

Protecting your MySQL data has never been easier, once setup your backups will be sent to you automatically like clockwork. View the readme.html


Exports your database structure and data within seconds and emails it to you. What more do you want?

phpMySQLAutoBackup automates the backup of MySQL databases.
the simple way to
backup MySQL databases





Brief history


  • email zipped database to your specified address
  • option to save to backup folder
  • option to ftp backup file to remote server
  • backup limited to once per hour (easily changed) prevents malicious attempts at bringing down your server
  • specify specific tables to backup or backup the whole database
  • specify specific tables to exclude from backup
  • set ranges to backup – from start row number to last specified row number



Tests of phpMySQLAutoBackup
you should be able to run it on your shared hosting account without issue as it has been developed for use on servers using the default PHP settings (low maximum execution time and low memory allowance). Below are the results from two typical databases (small and moderate sized):

database size: 0.5MB (22 tables, 3000 records)
exported SQL file size: 0.7MB (0.1MB compressed)
backup time: 2 seconds

database size: 13.5MB (168 tables, 62000 records)
exported SQL file size: 29MB (2.9MB compressed)
backup time: 20 seconds

automates the backup of MySQL databases.
The PHP scripts export your database (data and structures),
compresses it into gzip format and emails it to you.



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